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Common Races
Asura ~ The arrogant asura prize intellectual prowess over all else. They use their knowledge and skill with magic to assert their dominance over other races.

Charr ~ Charr society is built around war and their pursuit of military dominance. Their ability with technology and machines of war strikes fear into any who cross them.

Human ~ Said to be brought to the world by the gods, they once ruled firmly across the known world. In the past two centuries, they have fallen on hard times, but their faith and spirit remain unshaken.

Norn ~ A race of 9-foot hunters hailing from the Far Shiverpeaks. These massive, shape-shifting fighters prize individual valor and victory above all.

Sylvari ~ Sentient plant folk who have a deep connection with the land and the riches it bears. They seek adventure and their place in the world.

Centaur ~_ A race of fierce and proud warriors which fight with the humans over land in Kryta and the Maguuma Jungle._

Djinn ~ Elemental spirits from Elona. Zommoros is a djinn bound within the Mystic Forge.

Dredge ~ Formerly enslaved by the Stone Summit, the now-xenophobic dredge have taken control of many former dwarven territory and are now strip-mining the Shiverpeak Mountains.

Ettin ~ Two-headed humpbacks, the ettin are only barely intelligent, but possess colossal strength which they employ against their foes with massive clubs.

Fleshreaver ~ These frightening creatures cannibalize the corpses of the dead to build their own form and offspring. They thrive in places of death.

Forgotten ~ Elder race of serpents, associated with Glint and the Old Gods. None have been seen for a very long time.

Giant ~ Towering humanoid beings often seen living as nomads in desolate or isolated areas. Although sentient and relatively peaceful, they fiercely protect their territories from trespassers.

Grawl ~ The ape-like grawl possess a tribal culture and worship unusual objects – from remarkable stone formations to abandoned statues and other natural or built structures.

Harpy ~ Winged raiders and scavengers, Elonian legends claim these fiends are fallen servants of the goddess Dwayna. Their young possess a very strong bond with their matrons.

Hylek ~ Sun-worshipping frog people that live along the coast of the Sea of Sorrows. Experts in alchemy and reading weather, they are a divided race of territorial tribes that often fight each other; only few welcome outsiders into their lands.

Wild Life
Drake ~ Ferocious reptiles often found near bases of water in Ascalon and Kryta, and the Shiverpeak Mountains. Drakes are all tied to certain elements, most being able to breathe magic.

Moa ~ Large, flightless birds common throughout all of Tyria. They can be found in the wild of domesticated by humans. Includes flamingoes.

Ooze ~ Jelly-like creatures of fluid and membrane originating from the Depths of Tyria, they are now found all over Tyria, mostly in underground caves or near their entrances.

Spider ~ Eight legged web-spinners hoping to catch a little bigger prey, known of their poisonous traits. Venturing into their nests can be hazardous.

Wurm ~ Massive subterranean, burrowing creatures which, when disturbed or hunting, surge to the surface to swallow their prey whole.

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