Dragon's Fall

The Great Moa Caper!

Downtime ~
- Yalmir sold the harpy egg to a merchant heading up to Beetletun for a celebration in two months time…
- Party recovered

Bridge construction from Shaemoor to Queensdale farmlands was undercontruction, causing delays. The party learns that the construction was being done by a “Sir Redger”.

Upon approaching the Joe farmstead, the group witnessed Farmer Joe, and his wife Margret speaking loudly with several individuals. Upon hailing, he turns to reveal he’s bearing a weapon and in an angered state. He immediately demands help. Upon seeing the group, the thugs quickly draw their weapons and attempt to disarm the farmer and wife. Firing several arrows into the party. Their leader began loading a blunderbuss.

Combat was brutal, as many of the thugs were skilled, while others new recruits… their leader was taken down and they attempted to break away, but were chased. Kit, Yalmir, and Pablo learn that the leader was named Redger.

The party locates a hidden door within a vine covered cliff edge, heading down, Sten notices a tripwire. Unable to locate the source of the hazard, the party decides to just trigger it and remove the problem. Unknowning, the trap triggered from behind them and rolled logs down the corridor. With the noise, the door at the end opens and enemies come forth, noticing one of the runners in the group.

Combat pursues through the compound when they arrive to a room with the Moa stolen from Joe, they continue on…

Notable Loot: 2 Blunderbuss, 3 Rifles, 40 Shot, Chainmail, and a longsword.


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The Great Moa Caper!
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