Dragon's Fall


loot for the party

Here’s a list of what I have written down. Might be missing somethings feel free to add.

small gems 6 (10 gp each)
art 2 (25 gp each)
the ledger we found
4 large button
3 smaller buttons
8 piece of string
one human skull
one centaur skull
one spider skull
one harpy skull
one drake skull
rusted sword
443 gp
4191 sp
2 padded leather
3 long swords or swording
3 blunderbuss w/24 shot
scale mail
2 studded leather
hide armour
half plate (Adrien)
branded mail
3 chain shirts (Andrew took one?)
2 superior pistols 40 shot
5 vails green (poison)
potion of growth
2 shields (Adrien has one)
owned 200 gp from farmer Joe over 4 months (50 per month) plus one favour from the queen
some potions that Adrien wrote down

(Adrien) Here is the loot that I have recorded so far:
10 medium gems
6 small gems
200 gold in art work
130 gold
81 lbs of coin
11 platinum
210 silver
23 gold for working in the mine
1 large red potion
4 small red potions
1 potion that smells like pee
1 potion that smells like grass
1 scroll case
1 potion of filter of love
1 potion of growth


I think we need to separate all healing potions among us, as just in case items?

Bramb AdrnHntr

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